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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Traps

Today we made traps to try and catch our first mice and voles. Our goal is to find the population density of these mammals in an area called east port. We first filled the traps with hay and food and set them out over night. How many do you think we will catch? We wanted to put the traps in places where the mice or voles might be. Where do you think that is? Can you think like a mouse? We will be checking the traps two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Why do you think that is?


  1. Ms. Davis-
    I think you will catch about 1-2 voles and mice, or if you're lucky, 4.
    You might want to try putting the traps in the ground in closed up spaces, which is a great habitat for voles and mice.
    If you check the traps more often, then you'll be able to catch a live animal, because they'll be stuck in the trap, and they might run out of food while they're there.
    5th Grade

  2. How come you make the trap with foam duck tape and hay? How do mice and voles get stuck in there?


  3. I think you will catch a couple of each. I think you put the traps in small places where a lot of predators and humans don't go. I think you will be checking the traps two times a day because the mice and voles can come in between those times and then if another mouse or vole comes around you won't be able to catch both.
    Have fun and keep warm!
    5th Grade B block

  4. I think the mice might like to hide in small spaces that they can fit into because they feel more safe and protected. They will probably stay in sheltered areas depending on the weather or predator activity.

    I think you will catch 4-5 mice or voles, but it depends on how much food is surrounding the trap. If there is a lot of food, then they will probably take that instead of the trap because the food in the trap is harder to reach. Also, some of the rodents might smell human (scent) on the traps so that will affect how many you catch too.

    MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Holly

  5. Hi Ms. Davis,
    I think you will catch about 1 or 2 a day. (if you are lucky!;)) I think you should put the traps in little nooks and crannies because
    I think mice like that kind of habitat. I think you check the trap in the day and night because mice are nocturnal, so at night they will just be going out to look for food, and in the morning they will be going back to their home.
    Thanks for all of these great questions!
    We miss you!
    Alyssa RED B Block

  6. I think you will catch a lot of mice and voles because they will be wanting some food because its pretty snowy and they have less food around in the winter so they will want the food inside. You will probably put the traps in entrances to holes and caves so when they try to go in their homes they will go in the traps.


  7. Hi Ms.Davis
    I think you'll catch a fair amount of mice and voles. I can't guess an exact number, but I think it depends on the season and the resources the animals have access to. I think you would put the traps in places with lots of dead trees and branches, mostly places where little animals would hide in. (So you might catch animals other than mice and voles.) I think the reason why you are checking the traps once in the morning and once at night is because some species might be nocturnal and others might be diurnal.
    Have Fun in Nova Scotia!

  8. Will the mice die? I think that you will check it once in the morning and once in the evening because some rodents are nocturnal and some are not and so that is why you check every now and then to see if you caught anything in the trap. How many traps did you set up? I think you will catch 28 because that is a good number today! I think you put some traps underground and some in small kind of hidden areas. I can't really think like a mouse because I am not a mouse. Will other small animals get caught in the traps too or is it designed specifically so it only traps mice and voles?
    See Ya!

  9. Maybe you'll catch about 4 or 5 mice......
    I think that you'd put the traps maybe near a tree or under leaves because that's most likely where their homes would be.
    I think that you'd check once in the morning and once in the afternoon because more might've come in the afternoon and you don't want your trap to be full with animals.

    Hope you're having fun!

  10. Maybe 3-4 voles and mice. Try putting the traps in closed up spaces or hidden spaces, because those spaces attract mice and voles. Check the traps often, see if you get lucky!

  11. Hey Ms. Dave!!

    I think you will catch 3-4 voles/ mice. I think where you put the trap was a good place it looks like a good habitat cause it looks like there is a hole for the mice/ voles to get in and out.
    Just wondering what types of adaptations may that mice/ voles have to adapt to the coldness??
    I think you would check once in the morning and once in the night because I think voles are nocturnal but I don't think any mice are.

    Miss you <3,
    Alex :P

  12. I think you will catch a fair amount of mice and voles. I think they might hide in dark warm areas, or maybe underground. I think you look in the morning and at night because that is when there is a higher chance, or maybe you don't want to check during the day so you don't scare off the mice and voles.
    Sixth grade C block

  13. Hi Dave!
    What were the results of the traps? And was it only one species of mice or did you find more? In class we played the population game and got really interesting results. I think you're checking the traps at morning and night so you can see if the same mice come back or new ones come.
    I look forward to our next skype

  14. Hey Ms.Davis!

    I think that you are going to catch 5-6 and I think that you are checking the traps in the morning and in the evening because there will have been enough time for the mice to get trapped.
    Have a good time!