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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vole vs Deer Mouse

Today we caught more rodents! We have been trapping at this site for 2 days and will try to catch more mammals tomorrow morning, before moving on to the next site at Cooks lake. We trapped 2 mice and 2 vole in the morning and 3 vole in the afternoon for a total of seven mammals. Yesterday, we caught 2 mice and 1 vole in the morning and 3 vole in the afternoon. What does this tell you about the vole population (think about times caught)? What about the population of deer mice? The area that we are measuring is a 50 meter by 100 meter area. Can you estimate the population density of the site and explain your reasoning?


  1. If you are hoping to catch more vole, you should wait until the afternoon because thats when you caught most of them, but if you are trying to catch mice, you should do it in the morning.

  2. Hi Ms. Davis.
    This tells us that the voles prefer to come out in the evening then they do morning and the population of vole is probably bigger then the population of deer mice because there were more vole caught then mice.Mice prefer to come out in the morning. I divided 13 (the number of total mammals you caught so far) by 5,000 (the area of the place)
    The answer I got to that problem was 0.0026 which I call less then one per square meter.
    Hope you are having fun!
    From Simone

  3. Hi Ms. Davis,

    Is that the maze? Were the mice intelligent this time of year?

    I think that there may be more vole than mice because more vole were caught. However, it may just be because the mice are not out in the afternoon and are hiding or sleeping. I am not sure what the population density of the site is. Were the traps set all over the 50 by 100 m area or only in one spot? If the traps were set all over the site, I think the population density is very small because only seven were caught in a place with an area of 5000 m... about 0.0014 per sq. m? I am not sure if I can use mark and recapture with this because I don't know how many were recaptured.

    Angela (C Block Science) :) :)

  4. I think this tells you that the mice are more active in the morning and voles are more active in the afternoon. Also I think that in Nova Scotia, the vole population is larger than the deer mice population but not by much.

    So what I did is i multiplied 50x100 and that's 5000. Using the formula you taught us (number of organisms over total area), I did the division 13 mice and voles ÷ 5000 meter area. That equals 0.0026 mice and voles per square meter.

    Miss you,
    Grace :)