Hello, I'm Ms. Davis. Join me as I travel to Nova Scotia to study mammals!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Over the weekend we headed to the main city of Nova Scotia, Halifax. We walked around in the snow and wind, and got to see the citadel where British soldiers used to be stationed in the 1700's. They also have a suspension bridge that looks just like the golden gate. We also went to Kejimkujik National Park and saw an old growth hemlock grove of trees that was about 350-450 years old.


  1. That is super Pretty! I can not believe that these places are so old!
    Lauren BBlock

  2. Is the site where the trees are that old protected so that people can't cut them down? I wouldn't want 400 year old trees to die just because of human beings.Thats so amazing that Nova Scotia, Hailfax is so old!I hope your having fun in Canada and I can't wait until you get back!
    Rebecca 6th grade C block

  3. Hey Ms.Davis!!

    I find it so cool that those trees are 350-450 years old! How tall are they? I would think that they are not very tall but very wide.

    Stay Warm!

  4. Hi Ms. Davis,

    Was the Golden Gate Bridge modeled after this bridge? Which one was built first? We should have a field trip and all go to Halifax.